Thank you for visiting our (temporary) website.   We have a complete new site in the works, but needed to remove the old one as it was long-outdated and contained incorrect info.  

We are currently not accepting custom pistol work (grip mods), except for from our wait list.  Please DO NOT ship a pistol to us for custom work unless you're on the wait list, and we've notified you that we've reached your number.   Also, the wait list is capped at 200, and no more names are being added.  Once the wait list is finished, it will not be continued; custom pistol work will be accepted via general order, like in the past.

We don't know when we'll start accepting new custom pistol work again (I still do that all myself), but the new website will have an updates page where we'll post this info.  

We are accepting all other projects, such as Cerakote refinishing, AR & shotgun upgrades, sight installation, and GLOCK/M&P trigger tuning.  We are also still processing Title 1 & NFA transfers.  

To inquire, please email:

Best regards,

Ben Simonson, owner  

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